Corporate Responsibility

Sinon Global’s guiding principles extend to its corporate responsibility. Regulations are set to United States and Japanese benchmarks, with an adherence to the highest standards of environmentally conscious strategies. As a responsible manufacturer, Sinon Global has developed a holistic manufacturing process that includes a well-rounded quality assurance program and waste treatment facility.

Additional measures are also taken, such as the Sinon hotlines for product mishandling and road accidents. These emergency hotlines are managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round.

Sinon Global believes that their obligations reach beyond business. They are proud to sponsor educational programs focused on sustainable farming techniques, recycling, and eco-friendly strategies in agriculture. The scope of their corporate responsibility stretches into the communities they work in and around, as well as the environment from which they depend on.

Corporate Responsibility Efforts

Quality Assurance Program:

  • Manufacturing process based on ISO, FAO and OECD standards
  • In-house GLP-certified laboratory.
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing from sourcing to delivery, thus ensuring consistent quality.
  • Waste treatment facilities for environmental sustainability.

Sinon Australia

Like our global parent, we also take a serious approach to safety and the environment. Sinon Australia is always investigating ways of contributing to sustainable processes and education within our Australian context.

Emergency Hotlines:

  • IXOM Emergency Response Service: 1800 033 111
  • Fire, Police, Ambulance: 000
  • Poisons Information Centre: 131 126 (Australia-wide)
  • Sinon Australia Head Office: 03 5441 8907 (between office hours)

Drum Recycling:

  • To protect the environment, and the health and safety of farm workers, recycling of used crop protection product drums are handled by DrumMUSTER. To learn more, please visit or contact your supplier.

Due to the dangers of illegal and counterfeit products Sinon Australia does not support the importation of such products due to:

  • Danger presented to the health and well-being of farm workers
  • Risk of ground water contamination
  • Destruction of subsequent crops
  • Reduction in localized bio-diversity
  • Potential hazard to consumers through unknown residues